Aima Saint Hunon

Paris Born artist

Group exhibition, Walter Wickiser Gallery, Chelsea, New York

Solo exhibition at Dejavu gallery, New York
Presentation at the WOW MUSEUM, Nelson, New Zealand

Solo show at Phillipe Staib Gallery, Shanghai, China 
Artist residency and show at Peninsula Hotel, Beijing, China 
Show at Sun Chateau, Shanghai, China 
Artist residency at Chia Nan University, Tainan, Taiwan 

« Le corps et moi » show at cabinet estethique cabinet of dr Claude Aharoni, Paris 
AWAF 2012 Art weekly arts festival, Lan zhou, China 

UNESCO, « Memoire des couleurs », Paris 
Art Shanghai, China 
PROVOK, group show, Espace Peugeot, Paris 
Art en tete Gallery, Avignon, France 
Contemporary art market at Bastille and Halle Fressinet, Paris