Sungwook Park

Korean Ceramist

Bunchung coated with white slip, a mixture of feldspar, quartzite and kaolinite, klin fired. This process creates its bluish-gray or yellowish-gray hue. It allows freedom in expressing the rough and soft textures of the clay, combining different methods of decoration, and creating variations through abbreviation and exaggeration.

By applying the material characteristics of Bunchung ware to his works via repetition and concentration of white slip, ceramicist, Sungwook Park maximizes the expressive effects of the technique.  He pays particular attention to the effect of the layers. The textures of the clay are seen through the multiple layers that gradually reveal the nature of the clay. These textures deliver various feelings-rich, refined, rough, and soft.  clay. The essence of Park Sung Wook’s works is in his subdued aesthetics, defined by a singular element white color-without using various technical skills from other kinds of Bunchung ware.

His work is collected by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK